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  • Supports an increase in blood flow for strong muscle pumps during training†
  • Increases nitric oxide production which supports blood flow, power output and oxygen transport†
  • Long-term solution for optimal intra-workout pump†
  • Reduce muscle soreness after high-intensity exercise†
  • Stimulant Free pump formula that can be taken as a standalone or combined with other pre-workout products†
  • Convenient On-The-Go Capsules †

Price Per Serving: $2.14

Servings Per Container: 20 

Suggested Use: 

On Training Days:

Option 1: As a standalone. Take one serving (3 Capsules) 20-30 minutes prior to exercise.

Option 2: Stack with Flip Mode, Drip, or your favorite pre-workout. Take 3 Capsules of A-Pump and One Scoop Only

On Non-Training Days:

For additional cardiovascular benefits take (3 Capsules) 20-30 minutes prior to a meal.

A-Pump Provides you with the top clinically studied pro-nitric oxide ingredients for sports nutrition and a healthy cardiovascular system. The combination of these powerful ingredients in A-Pump, Amentopump®VasoDrive-AP®, and PurpleForce®. Create a synergistic effect that is far more powerful and will increase performance.



AmentoPump® is the plant essence of Selaginella tamariscina containing amentoflavone whose “claim to fame” is the ability to directly enhance strength. AmentoPump® has some very interesting properties, varying from increased fat breakdown to vasodilation, which may also increase the body's ability to get nutrients into muscle cells.

AmentoPump® is an incredibly potent and multifunctional ingredient. It has the added benefits for fat loss and insulin sensitivity improving, making it an optimal ingredient in any pre- workout or fat burner.

Bigger Pumps:

The pump has the huge benefit of stimulating a greater mineral intake by muscle cells and blood flowing into the muscle that feeds it. This is why it looks like your muscles actually grow while you experience 'the pump.' AmentoPump® is a very effective nitric oxide pump enhancer because it affects PDE, while blocking the metabo-lism of cAMP and cGMP. As a result, your dilated veins allow blood flow more freely, giving you monster pumps.

Greater vasodilation:
Amentoflavones increases vasodilation which results in bigger and badder pumps during training due to the increased blood flow reaching the muscles. More blood flow also means more nutrients are shuttled to the muscle allowing you to workout for longer periods of time.


One of the most researched tripeptide ingredients for cardiovascular health, VasoDrive-AP (also known as AmealPeptide®) is said to improve arterial flexibility by increasing the production of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS).*

Derived from milk protein through a proprietary enzymatic process, VasoDrive-AP is a naturally occurring, safe, and highly effective blood-pressure support ingredient.*

It occurs in very small amounts in casein as tripeptides, which are three specific amino acids joined together in a precise configuration. It works to support blood pressure already within a healthy range by inhibiting an enzyme that leads to the constriction of blood vessels.*

The two tripeptides in VasoDrive-AP are known as the lactotripeptides Valyl-Prolyl-Proline (VPP) and Isoleucyl- Prolyl-Proline (IPP); they are derived from the amino acids valine, proline, and isoleucine.

It is manufactured by enzymatically hydrolyzing casein in a precise manner with the protease derived from Aspergillus oryzae in such a way that the peptides are not damaged or broken down into their individual amino acids. They are also not degraded in the human digestive system because of their precise configuration and can be absorbed intact to be physiologically active.

These lactotripeptide combinations are not found in high enough quantities in common foods (such as dairy) to be sufficiently healthful.

This vasodilating action is believed to be at least partly responsible for VasoDrive-AP’s clinically documented effect on blood pressure.*

Supported by more than 30 published studies — including over a dozen double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials — VasoDrive-AP (Amealpeptide) helps maintain both systolic and diastolic blood pressure already within healthy limits and promotes arterial elasticity.* 

VasoDrive-AP also boosts exercise performance by improving recovery and sustaining endothelial function throughout training cycles.* 

It additionally helps athletes with their “head game” by supporting healthy cerebral circulation and cognitive function.*

Research shows that VasoDrive-AP supplementation can:*

  • Improve arterial flexibility by potentiating the production of eNOS

  • Support healthy glucose utilization

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Support cerebral blood flow and cognitive function

  • Improve recovery and sustain endothelial function throughout training cycles

  • Reduce muscle soreness after high-intensity exercise

  • Reduce mild exercise-related fatigue

  • Long-term solution for optimal intra-workout pump as well as post-workout recovery

VasoDrive-AP can be used in beverages as well as in dietary Supplements.

Mechanism of Action:

VasoDrive-AP® works by inhibiting an enzyme that leads to the constriction of blood vessels.* This vasodilating action is believed to be at least partly responsible for VasoDrive-AP’s clinically documented effect on blood pressure.*


In multiple human studies, VasoDrive-AP (AmealPeptide) exerted an effect in 3-4
weeks, safely and with no side effects.* AmealPeptide is FDA GRAS for inclusion
in food, beverages and dietary supplements in the US and is FOSHU-certified by
the Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan.

While it is made from milk protein, the lactose levels in VasoDrive-AP (AmealPeptide)
are undetectable (under .05%), so it is considered safe for those with lactose intolerance.*