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Non-Stimulant Pump & Power Pre-Workout

  • Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T®) - Can enhance nitric oxide production
  • VasoDrive-AP® - Can increase vasodilation leading to better blood flow
  • Peak ATP® - Patented form of ATP, the bodies primary energy molecule. Has also been shown to increase blood flow, enhance muscle contractility, and increase protein synthesis.
  • Citrapeak® - Has been shown to increase blood flow as well as nitric oxide production.

Price Per Serving: $2.74

Servings Per Container: 20

Suggested Use: Take 6 Capsules 15-30 Minutes prior to your workout.


Rather than creating another formulaic and dogmatic pump product with limited benefits and questionable utility, we’ve taken our penchant for innovation and creativity to deliver a powerful stim-free pre-workout with a comprehensive, full-spectrum formula. Utilizing cutting-edge and trademarked ingredients, Core PEAK provides a highly effective pump product that optimizes performance, volumization and endurance without the use of stimulants or caffeine to eliminate unwanted side effects like sleep disruption, excessive caffeine intake or the jitters.

Why is this impressive? Well, the requirements for an outstanding a non-stim pre-workout or pump product within the supplement industry are relatively simple: increased pump and vascularity, enhanced blood flow and volumization, improved strength and endurance, and a refined sense of focus or mind-body connection. However, it’s not that straightforward after all. Countless pump products have tried to scale that mountain, only to find the task is insurmountable, and ultimately fail. Fortunately, our team at Core Nutritionals loves nothing more than a challenge.

But we won't stop at merely meeting the industry’s standard for a stim-free pre-workout product. Generally speaking, this means providing a singular benefit: increased localized blood flow, also known as vascularization or volumization. The issue is that there are legitimate concerns surrounding the efficacy and physiological benefits of such a limited supplement. That’s not an issue for Core Nutritionals, however, as our new pill-based non-stim preworkout, Core PEAK, will show you.

The formulation of Core PEAK promotes a unique form of localized blood flow, known as a performance pump, which is increased blood flow with a purpose. What is that purpose? PEAK utilizes multiple metabolic pathways to provide demonstrable and significant improvements to key markers known within the field of exercise physiology, including, but not limited to, total time to exhaustion, peak power, total work capacity, protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy. This is accomplished through the inclusion of research-backed ingredients that not only enhance what’s referred to as the “pump effect” or increased volume and vascularity, but also exhibit noticeable improvements to key performance metrics.

A quick examination of PEAK’s formula shows the multitudinous and varied benefits provided by its innovative ingredients. Arginine Nitrate (N03-T®) and Glucosyl-Hesperidin (CitraPeak™), for example, both provide increased pump factors and vasodilation, as well as delay the onset of fatigue, improve nutrient and oxygen delivery and increase total work capacity. Meanwhile, VasoDrive-AP® and PEAK ATP® systematically dilate arteries and veins, while also increasing ATP production and muscle hypertrophy.

Altogether, the brand new Core PEAK provides many of the benefits of a stim pre-workout without sacrificing on performance or overall utility. So grab yourself a bottle of Core PEAK today and start CRUSHING IT!