Nutrabio | Glutamine (1000 Gram)

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A pure-grade fermented amino acid to help improve muscle recovery and performance.

  • Increase protein synthesis to support muscle growth and recovery
  • Enhance workout performance by reducing muscle soreness and recovery time
  • A precursor to the neurotransmitter glutamate to boost cognitive function
  • Fuel immune cells to help strengthen the immune system
  • Provide energy to the cells lining the digestive tract to improve gut health

Price Per Serving: $0.23

Servings Per Container: 200

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 level scoop (5g) mixed with your favorite beverage 2 to 3 times daily. On training days take first serving 20 minutes prior to workout, second serving immediately following workout, and an optional third serving before sleep. On non-training days, space your servings evenly throughout the day with your last serving before sleep. For optimum results take in conjunction with NutraBio Creatine and Whey Protein Isolate.



Are you looking for a way to reach your fitness and physique goals faster? Glutamine could be precisely what you’re missing. Glutamine is a powerful amino acid essential for muscle growth and recovery. Whether you’re looking to build lean muscle mass, improve your athletic performance, or recover faster after an intense workout, glutamine is the ticket. By supporting healthy muscle tissue, glutamine can help you train harder and longer, so you can get the results you want in less time. Plus, with its natural ability to boost immune function, glutamine can also help keep you feeling your best, both in and out of the gym.

NutraBio L-Glutamine is vegetable based, naturally fermented 100% L-Glutamine manufactured right here in the United States! We do not sell glutamine that is synthetic or made from human hair like much of the cheaper glutamine on the market. This is pure, free-form, 100% L-Glutamine with absolutely no additives, fillers, or excipients.



Adding glutamine can be the solution if you’re looking to unlock untapped muscle growth and speed up muscle recovery. NutraBio Glutamine is 100% pure, helping enhance muscle tissue repair and reduce soreness following workouts. By providing your muscles with this important amino acid, NutraBio Glutamine provides you with the crucial nutrient you need so that you’ll be back in the gym in no time, pushing yourself harder and achieving the muscle growth you’ve been looking for.


Are you tired of feeling fatigued and sluggish during your workouts or when training as an athlete? Say goodbye to lackluster performance and hello to your new secret weapon – NutraBio Glutamine. This powerhouse amino acid has been scientifically proven to enhance athletic performance by providing muscles with the necessary fuel to power through even the most challenging workouts and training sessions. Not only does glutamine improve your endurance and stamina.


Whether you’re in the gym, at the office, studying at school, or simply going through a busy day, you can do it all with better cognition and memory. NutraBio Glutamine is a potent cognitive enhancer that can keep your mind sharp and functioning optimally. NutraBio Glutamine helps amplify the production of neurotransmitters in your brain, helping enhance your memory, focus, and mental clarity. It also promotes the production of antioxidants that help to protect your brain cells from damage caused by stress and aging. With glutamine on your side, you’ll be able to easily tackle even the most challenging mental tasks and feel more alert and focused throughout the day.


Without your health, not much else matters. Therefore, it’s crucial that you boost your immune system and stay healthy year-round with the help of NutraBio Glutamine. This 100% pure and fermented amino acid from NutraBio can enhance your body’s natural defenses against illness. By strengthening your gut lining and promoting the production of immune cells, NutraBio Glutamine helps keep your immune system in top shape and ready to fight off pathogens that want to harm your system. Your gut makes up a large part of your immune defense, and therefore, it’s vital for you to maintain its health and functioning.


L-Glutamine (fermented, Kyowa Quality™): Shown to support improved recovery by removing byproducts created through intense training sessions as well as help improve the immune system.